Southern New England's Favorite Outdoor Flea Market

Vendor Info




1. Flea Market is open from 7AM-1PM.
a. Vendor Gate opens @ 6 AM.
b. Vendor spots are approximately 25 L’ X 20 D’ . Must keep within
assigned space.

c. Spots are $25
d. 2 people to space. Each extra person $5. (except children)


2. Vendors must be in place by 6:45 AM and remain open until 1 PM
a. May start packing @ 12 PM
b. Must be off property by 2 PM


3. All Vendors must fill out a Vendor Application and Agreement Form

4. You may pre pay for the following week at the office located near the front of the Flea Market.

a. All prepaid reservations will have a separate entrance line
with no waiting.


5. No unsold merchandise, cardboard boxes, or packing paper may
be left at Flea Market. Your space must be left clean when you


We offer a clean space with no debris in our grassy area. When you arrive. We would like all vendors to take everything back with them including empty goes and leave the space as you found it a clean grassy space.

Thank you in advance for helping us maintain a pristine market for all.



1. No Alcohol, Firearms or Drugs.

2. No food or drink may be sold without the Approval of Management


4. No pornographic materials

Seekonk Flea Market

The Speedway Flea Market will be open every Sunday from April to mid December weather permitting.(except for weekend of the CVS Classic)

The Seekonk Flea Market is located on the grounds of the historic Seekonk Speedway. The Seekonk Flea Market is a great place to spend a Sunday morning and afternoon walking among merchants selling everything from the latest home and audio electronics, shoes, designer women’s and men’s fashions, gold and silver, leather craftsmen, bar memorabilia, bamboo and flower arrangements, collectibles, tools, spices, and an entire section of trunks, furniture, glassware, candles and ton’s of flea market finds.

In a challenging economy the Seekonk Flea Market has founds its place in the new small business economy. An emerging public market place made up of locally owned, independent businesses operated by their owners, unlike the ubiquitous franchises that dominate retailing today. This accounts for the local flavor of public uniqueness of the shopping experience. It’s a fun and exciting experience for shoppers of all ages where you get to negotiate prices directly with the sellers.

The Seekonk Flea Market will be open every Sunday* (April thru December 6th) from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM, plenty of free parking. There is plenty of free parking on either side of the Speedway. Vendor spots are only $25.

Check schedule for special events and facebook for instant weather conditions updates and notifications!

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